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We work closely with your vision or architect plans to successfully build to meet all expectations.
Our company is also, very flexible when it comes to last minute changes to any project.

Renovations / Improvements Construction

basement remodeling

Basement Remodeling

Expand your living space by renovating your basement. After all, there’s nothing appealing about a dank, dark basement. It not only scares the kids, but it could e a haven for bugs and other creatures. Turn your Unused and Gloomy basement into a right living area by depending on Brick Street Construction for basement remodeling. From adding walls and floors to installing wiring and plumbing, we transform your lower level into a usable and attractive living area.

deck installation

Deck Installation

A custom deck is an excellent way to make your lawn and home more inviting. It also gives you and your family extra elbowroom. Enjoy barbecues, family gatherings, and time with friends while relaxing on your new deck.

kitchen remodeling


Bring the kitchen of your dreams to life on your budget. Our contractors are here to help you add the features and appliances you have always wanted in your kitchen. We strive to find cost-effective solutions for each of our clients’ remodel goals. Speak with our kitchen remodeling company about your ideas, or ask our team for their recommendations and receive educated advice.

countertop installation

Countertop Installation

Installing new countertops can be a long and expensive process that leaves your home in a state of disarray. Our remodeling company believes that no homeowner should undertake an expensive project without guidance from seasoned professionals. Before you attempt to add new kitchen countertops to your home, let our team provide an enlightening estimate and consultation so that you know where you stand.

bathroom remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Make the bathroom of your dreams a reality when you trust your project to our knowledgeable contractors. We specialize in complete bathroom makeovers that add value and appeal to any home. With our bathroom renovation contractor handling your remodel, you are assured high quality workmanship from a staff that is dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service.

room addition

Room Addition

As your family grows, it feels like your house is shrinking. If your home seems to be getting smaller because your family is getting bigger or you have other space needs, depend on Brick Street Construction to expand your space with new room additions. Our company is known for our custom, creative, and high-quality work. Whether you need an extra room, a home theater, or a new bathroom, you can trust us to build a room addition that suits your needs.


drain cleaning

Drain Cleaning & Clearing

Drain clogs come in all shapes and sizes, but the worst are the ones that require extensive jetting. Most homeowners and businesses aren’t equipped to deal with those kinds of issues, and that’s where our plumbers come in. As soon as you request professional clogged drain cleaning, we dispatch with all the specialty tools we need to locate the source of the trouble, evaluate its severity, and apply a solution that works.

emergency plumbing services

Emergency Plumbing Services

Any drain or plumbing woes must be addressed rapidly before water damage has a chance to set in. Brick Street Services is available nights, weekends, and holidays to handle the repair or replacement that your home requires to get your plumbing system back up and running. All you have to do is give us a call and we will be happy to dispatch a technician as soon as possible.

bathroom installation renovation

Bathroom Installation / Renovation

Our skilled team provides a wide range of bathroom and plumbing services, including repairs, installations, and maintenance, ensuring the integrity and efficiency of your plumbing system while addressing any issues promptly and professionally.

Heat & Air


Air Conditioner Installation

Maintaining the AC system in your home is easy to do when you know who to turn to. The team of experts here at Brick Street Services can help. For years we’ve been providing air conditioner service to all our residential clients. This allows you to maintain the integrity and efficiency of your cooling unit without the hassle of la rge repair bills.

air purifier

Air Purifier Installation

The indoor air quality of your home may be harboring fearful items that you’re unaware of. If you have sensitive breathing issues or your family has allergies or asthma, it’s important to know your options. One of those is to consider an air purifier installation, with Brick Street Services. It’s important that you can feel comfortable breathing in your own home.


Dehumidifier Installation

Taking care of your home means daily cleaning, repairing, or maintaining systems and sometimes installing a new system to help you feel comfortable and relax. One of those systems that many choose to install is a dehumidifier. When you’re looking for professional dehumidifier installation, look no further than the experts here at Brick Street Services.



As a homeowner, you want the most efficient way to heat your home possible. That’s where geothermal heating comes in. This is one of the best ways to keep your home comfortable without consuming as much energy in the process. Brick Street Services provides geothermal service, for the homeowners in the area.

heat pump services

Heat Pump Services Installation

The heat pump of your home is a critical component in ensuring that your entire family is comfortable at all times. That’s why you want the most elite team in the area on your heat pump service needs. Brick Street Services offers professional service for all makes and models of heat pump units.


Thermostats Installation

The hub of controlling your home’s climate is the thermostat. It’s important that you can rely on the temperature you set to be what the home feels like. That’s why you want a professional to take care of your thermostats. Here at Brick Street Services, we offer maintenance, repair, and replacement services to help you get the correct thermostat for your home needs.

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We always strive to provide best services around, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today! Contact our team today to find out what we can do for your home or business’s plumbing & HVAC needs.

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