Sink Disposal Repair Installation

Many Americans take their garbage disposals for granted—that is, until they stop working. Then, they start to wonder how they ever lived without them. Garbage disposals are indeed essential parts of your kitchen, whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or both. That’s why it’s important to have a trusted plumber on speed dial, one that can be at your location quickly to repair your garbage disposal.

People depend on Brick Street Plumbing for the prompt, professional services they need. Whether your garbage disposal is broken, clogged, or in need of replacing, you can trust our team to handle the process from beginning to end. Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so don’t hesitate to reach out—especially when you’re experiencing an emergency.

Sink Disposal Repair Installation


Clogs aren’t the only things that can cause your disposal to stop working. Sometimes something slips through your drain—silverware, for example—and blocks the blades. Sometimes a part becomes loose and results in a slow, smelly leak under your sink. No matter the cause of the problem, though, one thing is certain: you’ll need garbage disposal repair from plumbers you can rely on.

Enlist our team’s help and find out why so many local families and businesses choose us every time they encounter a plumbing problem. Over the course of several years, we’ve built a track record for prompt, professional service. You can always rely on us to resolve the problem in a timely manner. Plus, we offer lots of great deals on other plumbing services, which means you’ll always save on the solutions you need.


Sometimes garbage disposal problems can’t be fixed—at least, not at a cost that’s worth it. If our plumbers find that this is case for your garbage disposal, you can rest assured we’ll let you know right away, so you can start shopping for a new one. And, once you’ve chosen one that fits your budget and your needs, we can return to your home or business to install it in your kitchen.

Garbage disposal installation can be tricky, especially because of the sharp blades. That’s why it’s well worth your time to enlist the help of a certified plumber, one that knows their way around potentially dangerous kitchen appliances. Don’t risk your safety trying to install it yourself—make the right choice for your fingers by choosing our company.

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Whether you want to remodel your bathroom, kitchen or entire home we can assist with your project.

Whether you want to remodel your bathroom, kitchen or entire home we can assist with your project.

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