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Just like toilets, sewer lines can become clogged with debris over the course of several years. However, it’ll take more than a plunger to resolve these kinds of clogs. To do that, you’ll need helps from plumbers that specialize in sewer rodding. You can always depend on the team at Brick Street Plumbing & HVAC to respond to your service request quickly and professionally.

Free Video Inspections

Before we can resolve an issue with your property’s sewer line, we have to know exactly what’s wrong with it. We use state-of-the-art equipment to investigate blockages so that we know how to treat the problem. Sewer line inspections are free, so it’s easy and affordable to find out what the problem is. Depend on our team to give you the information you need to make an educated decision about your plumbing system.

Resolving Sewer Line Issues

Many blockages and other issues can be taken care of with sewer rodding. The process involves cutting through blockages, tree roots, and other waste to allow the passage of water again. Rodding offers an easy, inexpensive, though temporary solution to blockages. You may want to consider water jet rodding for a more thorough cleaning of grease, minerals, and other debris.


There are times when excessive debris buildup can cause deep cracks and irreversible damage to your sewer lines. If this ends up being the case for you, our plumbers will let you know, so you can start looking at replacement options right away. Don’t put off this very important next step—otherwise, you could end up with a severely malfunctioning and potentially dangerous sewer line.

Sewer Line Camera Services

Hiring sewer line camera services, comes with a range of benefits. Here at Brick Street Plumbing & HVAC, we offer line inspection services that are both non-invasive and reliable. This is the ultimate way to get a better picture of what may be going on within your sewer line without having to deal with a large and costly undertaking.



It used to be that you had to dig up the sewer line to locate the problem at hand. However, newer and more streamlined methods allow our plumbing team to get real-time pictures and video of everything happening underneath the surface. Without all of the destruction that traditional methods cause, we can seek a fracture within the piping, root intrusion, and major clogging. All of this is done with the simple insertion of a specialized camera that transmits pictures back to our technician.

Ejector Pump Services

Most sump pump systems utilize gravity in their operation. But properties with finished basements, however, are at risk for severe damage with traditional pumps. These spaces require systems that don’t rely on gravity to move waste away from your home or business.
Find a simple solution with help from Brick Street Plumbing & HVAC, the leading local authority on ejector pumps in Ejector pumps are excellent choices for finished basements because they pump waste out of the basement, which traditional pumps aren’t able to do. Reach out today to discuss your needs with our plumbers, and be sure to ask about our other services for sump pumps.

Sewer Excavation

When it is time to install a new sewer line to your home or place of business, you can count on Brick Street Plumbing to complete your project. We facilitate sewer excavation in Frederick, MD. With our company handling your sewer installation, you can have confidence knowing you will get the right results delivered on-time and within your budget.

Thanks to our experience and expertise, you can have confidence in hiring us. Whether you are planning a renovation, we ensure your plumbing system will perform safely and efficiently. We cover the essential components of your project. Save time and money and let our comprehensive plumbing services address your needs.

Water line installation

There’s no going around the simple fact that a comfortable and functional property requires running water. Your plumbing helps get this valuable resource throughout your home or place of business. Whether you are planning to replace a compromised line, you can count on Brick Street Plumbing & HVAC to complete the job. We are your go-to company for water line installation. As your experienced plumbers, our team quickly and efficiently ensures you have running water—all according to your schedule and budget.

Establishing a new water line requires a team that has the knowledge, expertise, and adaptability to complete the project. By hiring our plumbers, you can expect quality service that generates lasting results. Our team utilizes the latest technology and equipment, along with our proven skill, to tackle water line projects of virtually any size. Whether you are coordinating a home renovation or breaking ground on a new property, our team is here to meet your needs.

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We always offer the best deals, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today! Contact our team today to find out what we can do for your home or business’s plumbing & HVAC.


About Us

We always offer the best deals, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today! Contact our team today to find out what we can do for your home or business’s plumbing, HVAC or remodeling need.


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